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What the Amateurs Say

[testimonial author=”Peter Yeo Amateur “]
“I think that the GolfHammer is a great product and I’ve found it to be particularly useful for my short game (both my chipping and my putting). I find that it helps me get into a very natural set up position and the swing I make with it is simple and natural. By first making swings with the GolfHammer and then with a golf club helps me get the feel of a nice simple golf swing without any unnecessary movements. My chipping was very dodgy but by using the GolfHammer I’ve managed to make my chipping much more consistent. and it has much improved. I can thus thoroughly recommend it!” Peter Yeo…Holland[/testimonial]

What the Pro’s Say

[testimonial author=”Noel Woodman…PGA professional”]
The golf hammer is the simplest tool i have ever used. 100% clarity of the task every time i use it![/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Paul Eales…European Tour Winner”]
The Golf Hammer quite simply takes the mystery out of golf[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Ben Storey”]
Using the hammer has helped transformed my beliefs about what the critical elements are when swinging a golf club. It has encouraged a shift from performing mindless drills to growing club awareness, which has dramatically increased control over my ball flight.

It enables me to recognise efficient AND inefficient swing motions, allowing me to choose how best to deliver the club to the ball. But the biggest compliment I could pay is that it strips away all the formulas and swing thoughts I used to have, getting me out of my head and into feeling what’s really going on as it happens. I strongly recommend this tool to all serious learners and for anyone who wants to have a lot of fun on the practice ground.

What the Coaches Say

[testimonial author=”Greg Brodie, Head Coach at Foxhills in Surrey”]
As professionals I sometimes think we are lulled into a false sense of self assurance regards the level of focus and the attention that we pay to the club in the swing. That was certainly my thoughts until I first hit shots with the hammer. I was alarmed at the level of focus I was experiencing, my attentional focus was heightened exponentially, my awareness of the hammer head deeper than I had experienced before. It left me reflecting on my game and has revolutionised my proprioceptive skills. Secondly through exploration it became apparent that indeed there is one appropriate manner to deliver the hammer and thus transfering this to the golf club left me discovering new exciting and more effective ways to deliver the club.
This training aid is the very best in task led learning and self exploration that can lead to far greater performance through minimal thought. It is a great tool for igniting your innate ability and the authentic you!!!!!

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You already know how to learn golf and the GolfHammer will simply and effectively lead out your natural swing!


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