How the GolfHammer Works

The GolfHammer is not simply another training tool claiming to be the next golfing cure-it-all. There is a good deal of science to prove just why it is so effective. The GolfHammer can rekindle an association they have with another more familiar tool and to the past experiences they have of knowing how to use it successfully.The simplicity of The GolfHammer design clarifies how it works and needs to be applied reducing the need for technical information on how to use it.The fact that players do not consider the GolfHammer to be a golf club encourages them to approach it from a different point of view and because of that they are often more willing to explore various holds, set-ups and deliveries to solve the “problem”. The reality is that the task of creating and aligning the necessary force to successfully hit a nail is virtually identical to the motion required to hit a golf ball.The GolfHammer directs your attention naturally to the critical factor………what you are doing with the “tool”, and away from what you are doing with your body. And this external focus is proven to be the most effective way to master a new skill.The GolfHammer reduces the confusion that golf can often evoke. Poor golf shots can lead to a lot of confusion as to what happened at impact to make the ball react as it did. Shanks can go right, left and straight. Toe strikes can also go right as can an open face. However the simplicity of the GolfHammers barrel ensures that the feedback your brain receives as to what happened is clear and confusion is kept to a minimum. This allows you to adjust your delivery accordingly and learn effectively from each experience. No more stories….just reality!

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You already know how to learn golf and the GolfHammer will simply and effectively lead out your natural swing!


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