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The Ultimate Golf Training Tool

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  • Learn how to keep the club on the correct plane by using the GolfHammer
  • Learn how to draw and fade the ball…simply!
  • Discover how to deliver powerful accurate blows to the ball and increase your distance effortlessly
  • Master the short-game with the GolfHammer
  • Take the mystery out of the game with the GolfHammer



What the Experts say about GolfHammer

[one_third][testimonial author=”Noel Woodman,PGA professional.”]
The golf hammer is the simplest tool i have ever used. 100% clarity of the task every time i use it![/testimonial][/one_third]
[one_third][testimonial author=”Paul Eales, European Tour Winner”]
The Golf Hammer quite simply takes the mystery out of golf[/testimonial][/one_third]
[one_third_last][testimonial author=”Ben Storey”]
Using the hammer has helped transformed my beliefs about what the critical elements are when swinging a golf club.[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

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